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Oya Erol

June 20, 2016

Trainer, Professional Coach


Oya Erol, one of As Leader Leadership School Leadership Journey program’s leader coaches, is a founding partner and coordinator of the Effective Parenting School. Upon completing the Adler Central Europe coaching programs in 2011 Oya became a professional coach. Additionally, she is among the first of Turkey’s ICF accredited Medical Coaches.

Oya is a Gordon Training International liscensed, P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training Effective Parent Trainer. As a trainer and coach with a focus on parent, child, and family communication, she gives training to Effective Parenting Trainer Trainees. Oya Erol has completed Optimum Balance, ODM Family programs and enriches her own with their training sessions.

Keeping in mind that children are our hopes and tomorrows, she aspires to provide society with awareness and a conflict-free environment full of love starting from the family as a core through her Effective Parenting School. The source of her motivation is seeing how much individuals who are raised with love and trust can achieve and how they can shape the world.

After working as an Istanbul University Pharmeceutical Studies department graduate in the medicine sector dealing with the manufacturing and quality control stages of medications, she ran a pharmacy for 25 years. During this time and as a result of her studies on intrapersonal communications and especially those about children and their families, and the training and certification programs she participated in, Oya aimed to serve by co-founding the Effective Parenting School and undertook its coordination.

She is married with one daughter.

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