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Mine Balık

June 1, 2015

Trainer, Professional Coach



Mine Balık is a Leader Coach who provides Leader Training within the scope of As Leader Leadership School. She is also one of the Leaders of the Leadership |Journey Program, a Leader Enhancement Program. Mine is ab Adler International Learning graduate and professional Coach.

She is certified by NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner ve Mind Mapping, BobProctor Life Success Consultants, Koçluk. She is also educated in the training of a Trainer, creative drama, and non-violent communication.

Mine is a graduate of Gazi Univeristy Economics and Administration Department majoring in Economics. In her business life, Mine Balık, a financial affairs director, started following her interests in personal development during her University years, and continud related activities paralell to her career, participating in numerous seminars.

She started her career as a trainer and professional coach in the year 2008 in the name of promoting an understanding for all individuals in the work force to realize that they possess much more potential than they think they do

As a part of social responsibility projects, she has provided educational seminats at several universities and organizations.

Using the experiences she gained in her many years of working as a director in coordination with her extensive education, she accompanies those who wish to develop themselves and provides corporate and personal coaching.

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