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Meltem Kınacı

June 20, 2016

Trainer, Professional Coach, ACC


Meltem Kınacı provides leader training and leader coaching within AS Leader Leadership School. She is an International Coaching Federation ACC acclaimed professional coach.

Completing the Organization and Relations Systems Coaching (ORSC-CRR GLOBAL) and Team Coaching Intensive (TCI) program, she provides private coaching as a Team Diagnostic Authorized Facilitator and as one of the TCI Practitioners in Turkey, supplemented by relations management and group coaching.

Following her 5 years experience as HP’s Production and Telecommunication Sector Solutions Strategic Marketing and Communication Manager of 99 countries in the CEE and MEMA (Central Eastern Europe, Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa) regions, Meltem Kınacı became the  Corporate and KOBI Marketing Communication Region Manager. After working as HP Turkey Corporate Marketing, PR and Corporate Communication Manager, she transferred to the MEMA Region Software Marketing Director position and worked as a professional director until January 2013.

During her years as director, she strongly supported her colleagues’ and co-workers’ development and the strengthening of their leadership abilities with her values of team spirit, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. Besides providing internal leadership coaching at HP, she also provides coaching for mid to high level directors in numerous other firms.

She is a graduate of FMV Private Işık High School and Istanbul University Business Management Faculty.

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