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Aynur Darian

June 1, 2015





Aynur Darian continues to design Leadership Programs, provide Leadership and Team Coaching Training, and perform Professional Leader Coaching within the scope of As Leader Leadership School. Additionally, she is a Leader of the Leadership Journey Program, a Leader Enhancement Program.

Effective Parenting ( Gordon Training ,P.E.T ) and Effective Leader ( L.E.T. ) Trainer Aynur Darian has recieved Medical Coaching Training and has participated in many additional personal development programs.

Aynur has recieved her training in the coaching area from ICF (International Coach Federation) approved coaching school Adler International Learning Central, and is an accredited (ACC) coach.

After graduating from the Middle East Technical University (METU) Chemistry Department and completing the Industrial Chemistry Option Program, she has continued her career as a sales representative in the medicine sector, and later Marketing Department Product Manager, Senior Product Manager, and Department Manager.

Aynur Darian, whose greatest passion is learning and sharing knowledge, is currently a Clinical Psychology Masters Program Student, aiming to share parts of her books with readers through her posts on her blog by the name Bydarian.

Travelling, sailing, photography, and playing the piano are her favorite hobbies. Aynur is married and has one daughter, and lives in Istanbul.

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